Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sadat Toma

Souleymane and I are going to Senegal soon to attend a Sadat (SP?) on March 20. A Sadat is an event marking the anniversary of the death of a well-loved and well-respected person, in this case Kande's father, who passed away on March 20, 1989. Souleymane is named for Kande's father, so we thought it would a be fitting occasion for Souleye to make his first of what we hope to be many trips to Senegal. Souleye's grandma was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing her grandson for the first time.

While we are there, I hope to keep everyone up to date. Senegal is always a good source for interesting and sometimes inspiring stories so I am looking forward to corresponding.

Toma, by the way, means "namesake" in Mandinka, Kande's family's mother tongue, so it's really Sadat Toma for Souleymane only; for me it's just a plain ol' Sadat.

Also, I put all my old emails over to the right. I am looking forward to reading them and getting back into the mindset I was in just a few short years - yet seems like lifetimes! - ago.